About us


You've heard the stories - you can't get what you want so you get all frustrated and end up creating it?

Well, that's what happened with us.

We moved home to Australia after living abroad for 15 years where I had used cottonball lights for events and in our home. With a severe down size to move back we donated our lights to friends thinking we would be able to create another set here. We were wrong....

We knew Australian and New Zealanders were creative and would love to be able to create their own light colours like we had done.

I knew that parents would love the lights in their nurseries and children's bedrooms as they had been the best light for us for those night nappy changes and night feeds and my son was still using his in his teenage bedroom. I new people would love them for their parties and decorating their summer BBQ sessions and fall in love with them like I had.

So I took a chance on my home country and started Lummi & Co. Thank you for proving to us that it was worth taking a chance.


We have a big belief in the ability of business to make our world better places & we want to sleep at night with a clear conscious from our business decisions. This is why our products are Fair Trade made and certified, we spend that bit extra to ensure our packaging is recyclable and we can tell you all about who makes our products, where and how they are made and how our workers are paid properly for their work. We only use low energy LED light cables in our products, all our packaging is recyclable, there are no chemicals in our dyes, our glues are all natural and we even recycle the rubber balloons used to make the cotton ball lights.


Yes, this isn't a hard arsed business, its about making things better for everyone. Nothing leaves us more moved than when we started getting amazing unexpected feedback from our customers.. and it has never stopped.

You know when an 85 year old customer tells you that the lights on at night have made her feel like she has company and not feel alone for the first time since her husband died 5 years earlier that you've done the right thing.

You know when you get multiple emails from parents telling us that their child that is scared of the dark will finally sleep in their own room with the Lummi Lights that they have chosen, that it is all worthwhile.


I live happily with my Lummi Light addiction and love to see people being creative with them too - We are just the facilitator for the creative outlet in others. Do you want to play? We love being inspired by your ideas and designs and would love to see your pictures of how you have created with your Lummi sometime.

The Lummi team xx