Assembly instructions

We've made it easy for you to be involved in the creating process of your Lummi lights. and appreciate the work


Assembling your own garland is really simple. Let's do it!

  1. Remove the balls and cable from the package.
  2. Arrange the balls out in the colour pattern that you want to go on your cable. Blocks of colour, repeated patterns or just take a chance with the order they go on. Anything goes and there is no right or wrong way.Play with them until you get your desired layout and you're ready to go.
  3. See how each of the balls has a small hole and slit cut from that hole?
  4. Hold the ball with the hole at the top
  5. Press down on the slit cut at the hole to make an opening for the LED light*
  6. Insert the LED bulb in a twisting motion into the opening until the bulb and holder are inside the ball.
  7. Remove finger pressing down slit & gently pull back on the wire, slide the loop down onto the ball and pull the wires apart to secure.
  8. *Occasionally a ball gets missed – if there is no slit cut, cut a 1-2cm slit from the hole with scissors or Stanley knife.
  9. Do the same with each of the balls and... you are finished!

Here is a drawing that illustrates the assembly of the garland:


To inflate the lampshade and demi pendant to their original shape, we follow a part of the original making process by re-inflating the ball and stretching the fibers to achieve the full shape again.

  1. If you receive the lampshade folded, unfold it and pull it out into a ball shape.
  2. Put the balloon inside the ball with the opening of the balloon at the top of the round hole
  3. Inflate the balloon as much as possible and close it in a way that you can easily open it again - we wrap the top of the balloon with a peg.
  4. Spray the lamp all over with an even amount of water and concentrate on the creases
  5. Wait 1 minute and inflate the balloon once again - this time strongly, so it sticks out about 10 cm out of the hole (in case of lampshades L, XL and XXL it may be even more). It is very important step as it stretches the yarn fibers and give your lampshade a proper shape.
  6. Pat down the fibers of the lampshade against the balloon by pressing gently with the palms of your hands all over the lampshade. You will also be able to feel if you have missed wetting any areas of the lampshade.
  7. Twist the balloon a few times at the top to close off the area and and close it with a clip or clothes peg.
  8. Hang the lamp with balloon to dry. If inside, let it dry over night.
  9. When the lamp is dry you can remove the balloon. Your lamp is ready to use!