Lummi & Co is part of an international trading partnership between 20 countries that believes trade is the best form of aid to improve the lives of others.  Our Lummi light balls are handmade by our Fairtrade Organisation home workers in the areas around Chiang Mai in Thailand. We now have 65 home workers currently producing 4.5 million of these balls each year for export around the world. This provides consistent employment and income in the region where day trading (buying & selling what they can, not the stockmarket J ) is the normal hit & miss form of income.

Natural processes & materials are used where possible and even the balloons used inside the balls are recycled. Our prices are set by our Fair Trade Organisation to cover materials and provide a decent liveable wage for the homeworkers and all partners must pay this set price without negotiation. 

Enjoy seeing the journey of your Lummi light balls made by the Fairtrade homeworkers below


handmade glue - Secret recipeHandmade glue - Secret recipe

Handtwisting of the balls

Our workers homeworking setup

Homeworker trainer

Balloon prep for the perfect ball

How you dry 4.5 million balls

All dry & ready for balloon popping

Hanging more out to dry

Who needs a rainbow in the sky when you have these balls on the ground

The transport fleet

All ready for dispatch

Quality control

Checking & packing our lampshades

Fun times are essential

Blessing of the workplace

Meet the makers

One big international partnership