How to use Lummi Lights

Lummi lights are an affordable way to bring atmosphere and light to any space. Use them to add colour during the day and at night they become an essential night light for children’s bedrooms or new nursery or add a cosy warmth to any space.

There’s no limit to the spaces where we see our customers hanging their Lummi lights – living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, children’s rooms, stairs and hallways, arbors, balconies, and even in offices, shop displays and bars.

You can hang them off a hook, drape along shelving and furniture or even fill a vase to added effect.


Bunch it
home made glue
Hang off a hook
Comforting night light
Wrapped along a found branch
No longer scared of the dark hanging
Line a bed canopy
Drape around your favorite pieces
bed sidelight
Decorate your tree
Fill a vase
Hang off a hook